Friday, July 29, 2011

Review: P2 Nail polishes

During our latest visit at CentrO I’ve bought tons of products at the DM which I’ve already shown you in my CentrO shoplog. One of those products I’ve purchased was the P2 nail polishes. And today I’m going to share my opinion of them.

Like I already told you before P2 had the weirdest nail polish colors. Not those same colors we get every time, but really nice vivid colors that you don’t come across easily.
Normally I’ve wouldn’t bought any polish, but because of these next color I just couldn’t leave them behind.

I came back home four nail polish richer:
* #030 Being in Heaven
* #730 Hug me!
* # 690 Forever
* #520 Trouble

I was pretty excited about these polishes, not just because of the colors, but also because I’ve heard a lot of good things about this brand. But even though hearing all those positive comments, I still wanted to gain my own opinion on them.

From left to right: Forever, Being in heaven, Hug me!, Trouble.

Let me start off describing the packaging. These nail polishes come in a square –shape 8 ml glass bottle with a silver handle and also silver written text on it. It looks quite nice and does not give a cheap impression. It’s also very sturdy and does not tend to fall down easily.
The cap closes really well and tight which means less air to keep it from drying out and it will last longer.

The brush itself is pretty soft and when varnishing does not leaves stripes on the nails.

About the substance of the polishes I’ve noticed that they vary. As I already said, I bought 4 of them and I’ve noticed that not all of them have the same substance. And that results that their not that same opaque as another. Like with the neon green – ‘Trouble’ – I could get it opaque with just 1 layer while with the light pink – ‘Being in heaven’ – I need to apply minimum 2 layers to get a nice opaque layer on my nails.

# 690 Forever
#030 Being in Heaven - Clumsy me had to ruin my nail.
# 690 Forever
#520 Trouble
 But on the other side I also noticed that the substance is quite thin/ watery that after applying 3 to 4 layers you still don’t get that thick and icky nail colors. I dry well and still looks like you’ve just apply 1-2 layers.

Two things though that I can’t rely on is the durability on normal nails and also the chipping part. Since I have acrylic nails, nail polishes tend to stay longer than on normal human nail and don’t chip easily.

As for the price of these nail polishes, they were a real steal. I’ve paid about €1,65 for each and I think that for their achievement they are totally worth it.

The only disadvantages for these P2 polishes are that they are hard to find. They’re not being sold online, only in drugstores in Germany and some other European countries – correct me if I’m wrong.

But beside that I would recommend these polishes, just because they are not even near expensive and they work really fine.

So, if you’re looking for some great colors of nail polishes, non expensive and also living – or going soon on vacation – in Germany these would be a great option.

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Remember, take care of yourself and others around you, respect to be respected and lots of love for you all.

Speak soon! Yours truly.
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