Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm Neon Bi@TcH!

Sorry, but I totally have to say this… I’m neon bitchessss!!!
Yeah, that’s right! And I’m not even sorry for saying this. It was the first thing that came to my mind before writing this post.

Early today I gave you guys a little update on my life for these last weeks and also told you a little for what’s coming up.

And I also ask y’all to stick around for a neontastic look! And here we are…

Weeks ago I shared this shoplog with y’all containing the Sleek Acid palette. The main reason why I bought this palette is because of the super fantastic neon colors. My hands were totally itching to make a look with these colors.

Maybe this would be just a little too much to wear on a normal day – even for me –, but if there was a special occasion or so I would totally rock this.

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you might have notice avatar with this look.

What did I use?

* Hema eyebrow pencil - #02
* NYX HD eye primer
* NYX jumbo eye pencil - Milk
* Sleek Acid palette
* Catrice gel eyeliner - Black
* Sephora Waterproof mascara


* Sephora Smoothing face primer
* Kiko foundation - Walnut
* MAC Blot powder - Dark
* Maybelline MNY blush

* Sleek True Color – Mystic

What do you think of my neon-fantastic-self?

A whole lot of neon love for you all and we’ll speak soon!
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