Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Newcastle Shoplog

It’s been more than 2 weeks since my last post. But the reason I was off these last days was because I’ve been working on my school stuff and didn’t had that much time for my blog and also this week we had spring break vacation and we went to a little vacation trip to Newcastle.

And as a shop/make-up addict I couldn’t come home without doing some shopping at Superdrug and Primark. So keep on reading to see what I did get…

In the beginning of this week I went with a couple of my friends on a Mini Cruise trip to Newcastle, UK. It was an 3 day trip, so that’s why the “mini”. We left on Monday afternoon from IJmuiden and spent the whole evening sailing and we’ve arrived on Tuesday morning in Newcastle. 

After we went through the customs, we had to take one of those cool double deck busses to the centre of Newcastle. It was a 20 minute ride.

You know how you always hear how strange the driving there is? Well believe me, driving on the other side it’s super weird! Those roundabouts… OMG!

Before going on our trip, we sat together to choose some activity’s for us to do as we only had a couple of hours at Newcastle and we wanted to get the most out of it. So after we got off the bus we went straight to the St. Nicholas Cathedral and after that we kept on walking to take a look at the seven bridges of Newcastle.

After the bridges we walked to the city centre for a little bit of shopping. At that point we only had a few hours left, so we all agreed to meet back at a meeting point, so the guys could go do their shopping and we girls could go to Primark.

While shopping in Primark I did found the prices a bit expensive then the Primark in Holland. After all we were paying in pounds, so yeah. But I still managed to get some goodies there. And they also have this cosmetic line that they don’t sell in Holland. Here's what I got.

I didn’t buy that much clothing, because I still thought that the prices were a bit too much, but I did got this nice blue crinkle top. It cost £4.

And beside the top I also got this super nice pastel flower scarf that would come in perfect for the spring. It also cost £4.

At the Shoes department I came across these wedges that were too good to not buy them. They had them in black and in blue. They were only £12, so I grabbed the blue ones, tried them on and put them in my basket.

I was in need of some black microfiber socks to wear that night for dinner on the boat, so also got two 40DEN ankle high pair that were £1.

I also did buy some products of their cosmetic line. And the good about that is that almost everything was £1. 

I follow a lot of bloggers from all around the world and one of them is Christina Marie. She’s this 17 year old girl that lives in London, UK. On her blog I’ve seen the Primark eyeshadows, so I went and got 2 of them. They look quiet chalky and I’m not expecting a lot of them, but hey…they were £1. So it wouldn’t hurt buying them.

I also got a pair of the false lashes, the very fluttering sultry lashes.  These were one of the products that costs just a bit more. Their price were £1.50.

I always love to travel, but every time I need to take those big bottles of douche gel, moisturizing body lotion or make-up remover with me that take a lot of place in my suitcase. I came across this travel bottle set so I can take just the amount that I need when traveling. And it also cost £1.

And last but not least I also picked 2 tweezers and a pack of bobby pins. Both were £1 each.

After I left Primark I went to Superdrug!!! 
The first brand I saw was MakeUp Academy, better known as MUA. For a inexpensive brand they have really good products. Their mono eye shadows are so pigmented. I bought 4 of them, 3 matt: a black shade – 20, brown shade – 19 and an light shade – 17. And the other mono I bought was a green pearly shade – 6. 

I also bought MUA lip gloss in shade 3, a nice light glossy brown peach color.

Now the next step was the Sleek counter. In January and February Sleek launched twice some new products for their line of make-up. First for Valentine’s day they launched the limited Stiletto Collection, a red pout polish – Scandal, a red nail polish – Geisha’s Seal and a red blush – Scandalous. To my luck I put my had on the last Scandal pout polish in that store. So didn’t thought it twice and put it as fast as I could in my shopping basket. 

But the main product that I had to buy in the Superdrug was the just released Primer Palette of Sleek. They just released this palette 2 weeks ago and I really wanted it. And to my super luck I grabbed what I thought at the time the last palette. I was super happy that I had it in my hands, it’s so nice and creamy. I will be making a review of this palette at the end of this week.

Right behind me was the counter of Barry M. Although I was so psyched of the products I only bought the famous crackle nail effect and the base – top coat polish. 

When I thought that I was finish I went to pay and at the cashier I saw the Little Red Tin. I saw this a couple of weeks ago on the BeautyLab and since it was only £1,39 I bought it to try it out.

Right after I was finish shopping at Superdrug, I went to get back with the rest of the group and then 2 of my friends ask me what I got from the Superdrug and then to show them where it was. So I went for the second time in there. And as I was standing before the Sleek counter again I notice that they put 2 new primer palettes. Remember I told you I thought I had the last one. Well I hadn’t. And while standing there I turned around and saw the Lipcote. I forgot about the Lipcote, it was also one of the products on my list to get. So good that I went into the Superdrug twice.

I also got some cute earrings for me to wear.

After some shopping we all walked back to our busses, but first we went by Subway to get us some subs to eat on our way back to the boat.

Back at the boat while sitting in our cabin, my BF surprise me with a present. That was so sweet of him. It was these nice silver earrings.

This was an super duper day. All was our stay at Newcastle short but we did enjoyed it. And after all I’m so happy with all my purchases from Primark and Superdrug. I will be going back there, but will stay a little longer.

I hope you guys enjoyed this long shoplog and if there is some products you would like me to review, let me know.
Remember to leave me a comment, follow me, take care and speak soon!
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