Thursday, March 3, 2011

Review Sleek's Primer Palette

We all know that to get your eyeshadow to last longer and without creasing you have to use a good base/primer on your eyelid. There’s the famous Urban Decay Primer Potion, the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin, the Too Faced Shadow Insurance and many more. And most of those eyeshadow base/primer come in a clear or neutral color and some in shimmer. Also some of us use the NYX Jumbo eye pencil  as an base for our eyeshadow to get the best out of an eyeshadow, but using that also tend to crease. So to get an intenser look without creasing you have to apply both an eyeshadow primer and the NYX jumbo pencil on your eyelid. That is like double the work. But then came Sleek.

The genius people of Sleek came out with this great idea. The Primer Palette. A palette of 12 different color creamy primers that you can use on your eyelid to intensify a look AND preventing creasing. How cool is that???

So as an make-up addict that I am, I had to have that palette in my collection. And since I was on a mini vacation last week at Newcastle, I made it my mission to get that palette.

And for today I’m going to take that palette for an test drive to see if it really does what it promise.

First of all the packaging. The palette comes in this simple black carton package like any other Sleek palette and the palette itself is also like any other palette. The famous matte black package with the Glossy Sleek written on it.


When you open the palette you see these creamy and colorful shades. And since the last palettes, Sleek has been giving every shade color a name.

I don’t know if you notice, but there is something weird going on with the names of this palette. I don’t know if Sleek meant to name these shades like this or if it was an error. But then again I don’t think they meant to name the color black “Money Honey” and the gold-ish color next to the black “Noir” as the same with the blue “Ultra Violet”, the purple “Pink Frost” and the green “Peach” neither. But yeah, moving on.

As for the price, I paid an amount of £6,99 for it at Superdrug, which is €8,20. For those of you who want to buy this palette and don’t live or is on a vacation in the UK, you can either get it at Sleek or if you’re living in Holland you can order it Alice and Jo’s havensentials or maybe you can order it on eBay. 

Now the true question. Does this palette really do its work?

I mean, you may say whatever you like, but they are still primers and I expect that they make my eye shadow last and that they don’t crease.

I made this basic look using the primer palette and the Storm palette to see how long it will last.

When applying I noticed that all the primer colors were pretty creamy and very pigmented. And also that using a little goes a long way. I first use an eye shadow brush to apply but then I went on using my fingers. When I was done it looked like this.

Well as you can see it didn’t took that long before it began creasing. So yeah, not that great. I was so bumped out by that. I really thought that it will last at least a couple of hours. But this palette is based on cream primers and we know that almost everything that’s cream tends to crease very quick.

And when I came home after some grocery shopping, a 3-4 hours later my eyes looked like this.

As you can see it stayed the same as before. It didn’t creased more. That’s a plus I think.

Even though that I’m a little disappointed of this “primer” palette, I still don’t think that it was bad buy.  Because of the pigmentation I will be using it as a base but also using my Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I think it might work perfectly then.

So what do you think? Are you going to buy this palette to expand your collection or are you skipping this one?

I was not pay nor got this palette as an gift to  do this review. This was my honest opinion.

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