Friday, March 4, 2011

Nails, nails, nails

As you may have notice, I don’t have my real nails. Oh well, I do have them, but they are cover up with acrylic product.

For more than a year I’ve been maintaining my nails with acrylic nails. I know that some of you might think that it’s fake having acrylic nails, but I have to admit it that I’m super bad when it comes to my nails. I can’t maintain them and I get super annoyed when I see them all chipped and I don’t have the time to do them. So to skip that part I have acrylic nails that also helps with nail polishes since they stay longer and don’t chipped easily than on normal nails.

I have been filling my nails since I was 19 but stopped a couple of times and took them off. But since December 2009 I start doing them again and now I’m trying to keep them as long as I can.

While shopping in Newcastle last week, I bought the famous Barry M crackle effect nail polish with the base/top coat polish.

Normally I do my own nail designs, but since I had this nail polish I wanted to try it out.

To see the nice crackle effect of the Barry M nail polish and since spring is coming up and it’s all about bright colors, I used a nice pink polish on my nails as an undercoat. I used the Catrice 150 Big Spender Wanted! polish.  I apply 2 coats of the Catrice polish and let it dry and after  that I applied 1 layer of the Barry M crackle effect polish. And when the polish dried up I applied 2 layers of the Barry M base/top coat polish.

A tip: When you’re applying the Barry M crackle polish, don’t do more layers on top of each other, otherwise you will not get to see the nice crackle effect. Apply just 1 layer.

Besides Barry M, there are some other brands that have the crackle effect nail polish. for those of you that lives in Holland, the brand Essence is coming out with their version of crackle nail polish. And If you know Essence, they never fail with their products. They are cheap but good! The nail polish will come out sometime in march 2011.

What is your opinion on acrylic nails? Do you maintain your nails regulary? And are you going to get one of those crackle effect nail polish?

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