Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Beauty in house: Yoghurt

Do you know how many products you have in house that you could use for many beauty purpose???

I decided to write this new bloppost for you guys were I’m going to take every now and then a product that you may have in your own home that you can use, like a DIY.

For today I’m going to teach you guys about using yoghurt on your face.
In my young days my mom taught me the purpose of yoghurt. She taught me that when you didn’t have any of those cosmetics mask in house, you could simply use yoghurt on your face as an mask.

When you’re feeling a bit stressed out and your face looks tired, just apply a little yoghurt to freshen up your face.

What do you need:
* A bowl
* Yoghurt
* A spoon

Pour a little bit of yoghurt in your bowl. The yoghurt will be most likely a little cold from the fridge, but that is just perfect. Then you apply the yoghurt with the back of the spoon on your face. And when your finish applying it, just sit and relaxed for over 10 minutes with the yoghurt on your face. And if you have some cucumbers, put 2 slices on your eyes and just sit back and relax.

After the 10 minutes, the yoghurt will dried up on your face forming a kind of mask on your face. You can either scrub that on your face removing dead skin cells and then wash it up with warm water or you can just wash it off with warm water without scrubbing.
Either way when you’re done, your face will feel so refreshed and so soft. And since this is an natural product you can use this treatment whenever you want.

For those with dry skin, you can also add a little honey to the yoghurt and put it on your face. You'll get an even softer skin after washing it off.

Do you have a special home beauty product? Don’t hesitate to share.
Remember to leave a comment, follow me, take care and speak soon!
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