Monday, February 28, 2011

EyesLipsFace Shoplog

After 2 months of emailing and waiting, my E.L.F. order finally arrived on Valentine’s day. Sorry that It took me so long to post this, but I did planned it but hadn’t the chance to post it.

Normally I do my E.L.F. orders at the UK EyesLipsFace, but at the time the Dutch EyesLipsFace had an special deal and they just re-stock so I went for it and made an order. But first it took a while before they could sent it to me and when they did, I wasn’t home. So after much emailing and calling in the past 2 months, my brown box finally came! (^_^)

So what did I get?

Since my last order I bought some ELF nail polish there were some polishes that weren’t in stock, so I made sure I ordered them this time around. I got Mango Madness, Red Velvet, Plum, Dark Navy and the Matte polish.

The Face Primer and the High Definition powder both were products that I was very curios to try out. So I went and buy them.
The Primer comes in this clear bottle and the powder in a matte black box.

Since I’m still experimenting with my eyebrows to get the perfect product to get them into the right shape I bought the Eyebrow kit in dark.
And since the ELF line lipsticks performed good with me I went and bought the Posh lipstick. It’s a great everyday lipstick that I can use instead my expensive lipsticks.

I’m really into blush these days and read a lot on other blogs that the blush in the Blush and Bronzer compact from the Studio ELF line had some resemblance of the NARS Orgasm. So even that I don’t have the NARS blush yet, I thought just to buy it and see how it works.

Need I say more? The lashes are just good. But just as any other blogger that use ELF already said, don’t use the adhesive that comes with, it just don’t work.
And to get more curls, I bought yet another eyelash curler.

In my previous ELF orders I already experienced the ELF studio line brushes. I had only good experience with them. But still I missed some in my collection, so for this time round I did order the small angled brush, the fan brush and I had so good results with the Complexion Perfection brush that I re-buy it.

And besides the Studio Line brushes I also bought for the first time the ELF original line brushes. I bought 2 eye shadow brush, 2 blending brush and an eyeliner brush.

This was everything that I got from ELF this time, but I will be making another order soon. Since then they have some new products that I really want to try, like the Flawless Finished Foundation, the Studio Tinted Moisturizer and the cream blush.

What is your favorite ELF product?
Remember to leave a comment, follow me, take care and speak soon!

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