Sunday, June 10, 2012

Update || What to expect

I have to say, bloggers that post every single day 1, 2 or 3 post, you guys freaking rule! This is not easy at all!

I’ve been trying to do my best to publish a post everyday and I almost did it for these last 2 weeks, but unfortunately I missed last Friday. But I’m still happy that I managed to keep posting.
Although this week things went a little unplanned since I did have quite some post planned but since I didn’t took pictures of the products I couldn’t post them.

But now the pictures are taken, they just need to be a little photoshopped so they’re ready.
While I’m doing that tonight I thought it would be fun to share what you can expect these upcoming weeks on Life Fascinations!

I have a lot of reviews coming up, since my passion for shopping isn’t going to stop anytime soon I buy new stuff frequently. You can expect reviews from products of Michael Todd’s, Rimmel London 60 second nail polish and also these beautiful glitter polishes from Wet n’ Wild and many more.

Now I know that there you girls out there that enjoys my video’s more than the post, so I’m doing my best to make more video’s. So probably this week you can expect a review of the Sleek Matte palettes and also maybe a tutorial with one or maybe both of the palettes.
While you’re reading this today I’m either on my way or I already arrived at the showroom of Enchantra. They’re celebrating today the b-day of the owner Linda and are giving a big party. Just like last year!

So I’m going to be vlogging, maybe make a video like last year and also gonna try and do my best to do a haul on the spot. Hopefully that’s not going to be too awkward o_O

So as you can see there’s a lot coming up, I’ll have a lot of editing to do also but I think I’ll manage.

I know I ask this a lot but I really like to know what you like more here on my blog and YouTube Channel.

Kiss, Kiss & Love
Mz. J
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