Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review || Gone in 60 Seconds

1 coat
2 coats

While I’m trying to figure out a new way to edit my video’s I decided to post this little review for you guys.

My nails are getting there and every now and then when I’m off from work I tend to polish my nails with the result that I try out some new color that I have and I can immediately review it for this blog.

Our local drugstore ‘Kruidvat’ had this special going on all the Rimmel London nailpolishes for €5 (!) which leads me to buy my first Rimmel London nailpolish.

I bought this nice teal blue color called “Bright Back at You” that has a creamy finish. This nail polish is from –Correct me if I’m wrong – their latest new polishes of the 60 seconds collection. 

It comes in a little polish bottle containing 8ml of product.
It says on the bottle that you only need 1 coat and that it will dry in less than 60 seconds. So I put it to test!

First thing I noticed is that the brush a medium length, wide & flat; just the way I like it. it allows you to apply more easily and fast.
As I’m applying the first coat I could see immediately that it’s not enough. It’s a little stripy and I could see that it’s not opaque. So I went for a second coat. Et voila! Opaque and the color really comes out.

As for the drying part I really didn’t think that a nailpolish could dry up in 60 seconds or less. And this baby proves me it. It does dry fast but in 90 seconds or so and you still have to be carefull because even if it’s dry it’s not completely hard to manage any kind of nail trouble. You can still get a smudge here or there.

And all of this happens with just 1 coat, so with the second I think you’ll have to be even more careful.

All by all I still like the polish, the opaque-ness (?) that it gives and that it’s not still ‘wet’ after 5 minutes after applying.

Do you own any Rimmel London nailpolishes? What are your experiences? Do you know any other nailpolish that completely dries quickly than this one?

Kiss, Kiss & Love
Mz. J

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