Saturday, June 9, 2012

DIY || Depotting Sleek Blushes

As you already know I own quite a collection of Sleek makeup. I even made a Sleek collection video last year which I think is in need of an update since my collection has grown a little.

Anyways, I’m a big fan of the Sleek blushes because of their pigmentation that gives me a great and colorful result on my cheeks. 

But one thing that irritates me is their packaging. Its super annoying to open and I always have to search for the one blush I need just because they all look the same on the outside.
Since these blushes are still my favorites, I used them a lot even though they irritate the hell out of me every single time, I thought of depotting them.

Went directly online to buy me a Z-palette and I was lucky cuz at that moment Enchantra was having some great deal going on – Like they always do – and I order me a Z-palette.

While my Z-palette was on its way to mama, I went on the famous YouTube to search on different ways on how to depot Sleek blushes.

You might think it’s easy to do and actually it is but since a blush pan is bigger than an eyeshadow pan it takes a little more work and more care to depot it. Otherwise you might just break the blush. And that happend to me!

So finally after a lot of searching I finally found a way to depot my blushes. and since I love to share I show in the video above how I depotted my blushes.

Things you need are quite simple:
A blush – in this case my Sleek blush
Rubbing alcohol
A dropper
Something thin and sharp in this case a knife BE CAREFULL HERE!
And obviously a palette

I also kinda screw up one of my blushes, it just broke while I was depotting – I was pissed! But then again a great excuse to share how to press your blush in case you screw up too.
So here you go! Your own blush palette that now will save you more time that you can spend perfecting your look or actually in my case be on time to wherever you’re going XD

Would you ever depot your blushes or would you keep them in the original packaging?

Kiss, Kiss & Love
Mz. J ♥
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