Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review || Michael Todd Lipsticks

Yesterday I posted a review on the Michael Todd blushes. Along with the blushes I also ordered some Michael Todd lipsticks. I bought the Naked Kiss ‘Affection’ and Crème lipstick ‘Pumpkin’.

Both lipsticks come in a small glossy purple tube color and contain 4 grams of product.

The color "affection" can be described as red hot color lipstick (as if I didn’t have enough red’s yet) that has a great pigmentation and is quite creamy. 

"Pumpkin" on the other side is this coral color lipstick that is a little sheer and also creamy. Pumpkin is a really nice color for the summer.

On finishes both of them have this satin finish, but affection sometimes looks like matte.

And while testing them I also noticed that they can last a little and survives a couple of drinks.

The only bad thing that I found was that Affection can stain a little, so you've been warned.

Both of these lipsticks and also other colors can be found at Enchantra for the awesome price of €5! And remember they ship international on request.

What do you think of the Michael Todd lipsticks? Do you own any? Or are you going to order some?

Kiss, Kiss & Love
Mz. J
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