Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Review || Michael Todd Blushes

Blushes definitely made a big comeback in these past few years. Or at least they made a big comeback to me then. I used to think that blushes were an “old” makeup method and that people don’t do this anymore, until I became a makeup lover.

I have quite a collectionof blushes but it’s never enough. Recently I added 2 new blushes from the brand Michael Todd to my collection.

This particular brand was unfamiliar to me. I wasn’t much interested until Enchantra had a sale. 

Since Michael Todd’s cosmetic (Correct me if I’m wrong) is going all organic and the makeup is getting discontinued, Enchantra has all the MT makeup on a 50% discount. That means an awesome time to make it familiar.

So I did a little order and got me a powder blush in ‘Apricot’ and a shimmer blush in ‘Zora’.
Apricot is a matte peach color blush while Zora is a bright shimmery pink color.
Both of the blushes contains 3 grams of product and comes in this glossy purple square packaging.

Apricot feels a little dry, but still haves great pigmentation and is not chalky at all. And Zora has an awesome pigmentation and feels really silky.

Of course I did some swatching so you can see the color payoff on a darker skin.

Like I said above I own quite a few blushes and I know what I like. Since I have a dark skin tone, blushes need to have a good color and pigmentation. And although I liked both of these blushes I do see myself only using Zora more, since the color of Apricot does not pay off well on my skin. But for someone with a lighter skin tone it is a nice dark peachy color that can warm up the cheeks perfectly.

Michael Todd’s blushes are on sale now at Enchantra for only €5. So if you’re interested don’t wait too long and go buy yourself a blush.

Kiss, Kiss & Love
Mz. J

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