Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Review: Victoria's Secret Metallic Eyes Palette

Victoria’sSecret is well known for their lingerie and their “Angels” with the big wings on the runways. 

But in beauty land their also known for their beauty line consisting different make-up products, body-sprays and lotion and also perfumes. Which by the way there's one that I’ve already introduced you to.

Unfortunately for us Dutchies there’s no place near where we could buy anything of the Victoria’s Secret line. Or maybe there is, but you have to be flying somewhere to go behind the customs at the airport to visit the VS shop.

For me, while flying to Curacao I didn’t have the chance to visit the shop behind the customs, but did find some products at a local shop called Penha on Curacao. They had quite an amount of body-sprays, lotions and perfumes while the make-up was not much. It was most eyeliners, lip-glosses and the Metallic Eyes palette

I was not impressed at all, but then again it couldn’t hurt to test out the palette since it wasn’t that expensive either.

Curious? Then click for more!

Metallic Eyes
The trend: Glam Shimmer and Sheen
Smolder, seduce and sizzle in the season’s hottest metallic shades for eyes. Blend and build the look multiple ways.

This palette contains six different eyeshadows, eyeliner and a highlighter. The colors, besides being metallic are earthy and smokey which is perfect for a neutral look. 

The palette is mend to use to create a daily look and then turn that look into a night look. Perfect for on the go, right? 

The packaging is quite sturdy. It’s made out of strong carton and it closes with a magnetic lid. On the inside of the lid there are 6 simple steps to create a day look and then turn into a night look.

After swatching these, I’m pretty happy with my bought. The eyeshadows have good pigmentations and are so silky/smooth that they will not leave any fall-outs.
As for the highlighter, it’s also quite creamy but not too much and I like it by far. But the eyeliner did disappoint me a little as it’s not as good as I expect it to be. But okay that’s the only flaw of the palette and I can surely live with it.

I’ve paid $15 for the palette and I sure think it’s worth it. I do have to say that this palette was released for the 2010 holidays and I don’t know for sure that it’s still available in stores.
But if by any chance you come across it, I’ll say go for it and you won’t be disappointed.

Do you own any Victoria’s secret make-up? What do you think of it?

Kiss, Kiss & Love
Mz. J
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