Thursday, October 20, 2011

Review: VIXEN by Victoria's Secret

In my previous haul I showed you gals my last item, a kinky pink & purple perfume box called “VIXEN” Sexy little things by Victoria’sSecret. But I failed to show you the bottle as I was struggling to open the box. And I made a promise to you all that I will review this perfume. And a promise is a promise, so hereby my review of this sexy perfume!

Do you want to know more of this perfume? *I’m sure you want to* Click on for pictures and description of the notes and more.

“VIXEN” Sexy little things by Victoria’s Secret:
"Sneak a peek. Make mischief. Be the fantasy in VIXEN, a showstopping blend of bright florals. Tempting apple blossom, freesia petals and warm vanilla bean."

Let me start with the packaging. This perfume comes in a pink & purple box with what looks like curtains and with a keyhole on the front where a sexy varga girl with a mask is looking through it. The golden details with the text and all give just the perfect finish. 

On the inside it’s all purple with an extra text written in white.

Regarding the perfume bottle itself it comes in a semi hart shaped bottle, ‘ombre’ purple to pink colored and with a golden cap. It contains 50 ml of product. The separated cap is specially made for when travelling so it doesn’t spill all over.


And for usage it comes with a hot pink atomizer which gives the bottle a sexy vintage, pin up look.

About the fragrance itself, it’s between fruity and floral. A pretty modern and sensual perfume, definitely a man magnet!

♥ Top notes:
Strawberry sorbet, forbidden apple blossom, osmanthus and tempting blood orange

♥ Heart notes: 
Freesia petals, liquid muguet, and lindens blossom

♥ Bottom notes:
Vanilla bean, amber and creamy sandalwood

I’m pretty impressed with this perfume. You see directly that they really thought everything through, from the packaging to the bottle to the fragrance.

And talking about the fragrance, it’s pretty strong and heavy but with a touch of perfection.
And when I say it’s perfect, believe it is. Because for those that knows me personal, knows that I have this allergy for super strong scents. My nose decides pretty quickly if I like a scent or not. And VIXEN was truly liked.
With the strong and heavy scent I notice also that it lasts all day long. It was created for the summer, but I think it's safe to say that it can be use the whole year long.

To my conclusion, VIXEN is precisely what you think. A mysterious sensual fantasy that every time when wears makes other turn heads and ask “What’s that scent?”.

I bought my VIXEN at Penha on Curacao for $52 which was pretty expensive now that I see for how much it retails for in the US. But still I’m pretty happy with my purchase.
Unfortunately for my lovely European readers, Victoria’s Secret isn’t available anywhere unless you’re off to vacation to the US or if you’re living in Holland and flying somewhere, you can visit the VS shop behind the customs at Schiphol in Holland. Or also you can wait for the new flag ship store to open next summer.

But still, if you’re a perfume lover like me and loves girly/sexy fragrances I so recommend you to search for this perfume and if you can buy it! It’s worth it!

Do you own any Victoria’s Secret perfumes or body lotion/spray? And what did you think of this review? Would you like to see more perfume reviews on Life fascinations? Tell me all down below in the comments!

Kiss, Kiss & Love
Mz. J
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