Friday, September 16, 2011

It's Personal: It's a little slow

Hellluuurrrrr people!!!

It’s been almost a week ago since my last blog post.*Shameful*
But as many of you already know I’m home on my beautiful island Curacao and things are a little hectic over here.  I’m helping out my mommy and also my aunts are here with us and there wasen't a day that we wouldn't stay in *until today then*. We visit a lot of places and I also managed to get quite a sunburn after Mondays midday swim! *Ouch - Not Good*

But anyways this is why I’m sloooowww with the posting. And the thing is that I do have quite some ideas for the blog, but the time is so crappy! 

Tomorrow as in Saturday I’m off to my hairstylist here on the island to do something with my hair. As soon as I get the chance I’ll post an update of my hair for you gals to see. *Exciting*
And I also want to visit the Inglot store here on Curacao. I wanted to visit them today, but woke up with this cold that had me bound to the bed. 

But anyway, there’s plenty to come and I’m going to try my absolute best to share them with yall ;) 

In the meanwhile, follow me on twitter as I'm tweeting a whole lotta more than normal with tons of twitpics and I can still communicate with you all.

Lots of tropical love.
Yours truly.
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