Saturday, September 10, 2011

Brought Along: Rings

As you know, I’m at Curacao at the moment taking care of my mommy. And I thought that it would be fun to do a ‘What did I take to’ video. But since a video is going to take too much time (filming + editing) I thought of adding this new chapter to Life Fascinations!

As you can see it’s called ‘Brought Along’. Here I’m going to show you in pictures and in different parts everything (beauty & accessories) I brought along to Curacao.

For the first segment I’m going to show you all the different rings. I love me some accessories and in the next pictures I’m going to share my love for rings.

My Rings!

 The 2 rings on my little finger are both from Primark.

White + Silver=HEMA / Gold+white stone=H&M / Big Blue=Primark / Flower=I don't know anymore.

Blue stone with silver comes from H&M, the middle silver comes from SIX and the other silver was a gift.

Big yellow ring also from Primark and black stone ring from H&M
As you can see I own a lot of rings from Primark and H&M. They aren't expensive and lits up your outfit way better than any regular ring. That's why I love them ;)

Do you love rings as much as I do and own a lot or a few? Let me know here down below.

Remember to keep track of this blog to see more of the ‘Brought Along’ segment.
Have a wonderful day, yours truly.
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