Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Hot Heels + Reminder Giveaway!

Hello People!!!

Here's a video of me showing some of my favorite high heels as a reminder to you gals to enter for my giveaway of a €20 voucher of the shoe webshop "Die wil ik hebben"!

You don't need to do much, just post a picture of your hottest heels on the Life Fascinations FB page and you're in! This giveaway is internationally open and you can enter until Sunday 31st July 2011 23:59!

So hurry up with those picz and enter!

If you want for information on this giveaway click here for the blog post!

Lots of shoe lovin for you all!!!
Yours truly.

Update: Just for you to know, none of these shoes in the video are from 'Die wil ik hebben'. But it's these kind of 'One of a kind' shoes that's being sold at their webshop. So you definitely need to check them out!
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