Friday, April 15, 2011

The Blog Award!

Ahhh. I’ve received my first blog tag and it’s the Blog Award!!! I’m so psyched by this. I’ve received it from my dear friend and fellow blogger Ash from AshDefines*.

For those that don’t know the Blog award yet, what you have to do is very simple. First of all thank the person that awarded you, tell 7 things about yourself, award newly discovered blogs and contact them to notify them that they’ve been awarded.

So first of all I want to thank God and also my parents for given me life; I love you so much and also all my lovely readers… hahahaha… okay okay let’s stop playing around and get  back to business.

I want to thank friend and fellow blogger Ashna for awarding me. She’s a good friend and was also one of my inspirations to start blogging. Thanks Ash! ^_^

And now the 7 things about me!

* I wasn’t always into fashion and makeup until recently I became fascinated with them.
* I’m born and raised on the beautiful island Curacao. Yes that tiny spot of paradise near Venezuela.
* I’m addicted to movies and TV series. I can’t miss a week of Gossip Girl, 90210, Glee, Chuck and Grey’s Anatomy.
* I love cartoons. Like really love them, but not those new modern ones. I love the good old, kid’s friendly and non-armor cartoons. Those cartoons like Popeye, tom & jerry, the Flintstones and the Jetsons.
* I’m a shopaholic! Doesn’t matter if its personal shopping or online shopping, I just love to shop! My wallet begs me for mercy.
*I love to travel and my ultimate dream is to visit New York and Tokyo.
* I have my driver’s license since I was 19 and a year ago bought my first car ever!

And my blogging award winners are...

Since all of my fellow native bloggers already got awarded, I’m going to pass this on to my other fellow bloggers from around the world.

So this was it. Hope you guys loved it and got to know some stuff about me.
As always say, take care of yourself and others and we’ll speak soon!

Awards & Kisses,
Mz. Jenjuain
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