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SEPHORA's Shoplog!

Finally!!! I’ve been postponing this post for daysss! But finally today I got to post it!

Here in Holland we have this department store called V&D. It’s located in cities all-around Holland and they sell almost everything. Most of the V&D’s located in the big cities also have a Sephora store. And 2 weeks ago V&D had a blowout sale with great discounts on their products. Sephora also joined them on the sale and they were having all of their own brand name make-up on sale for 3 products for 10 Euros! That was a super great bargain. It was so great that I went 3 times to shop, only to succeed in the first 2 and the last time I thought that I had enough for now.

Do you want to join me for the fun part? Just get your click on for more.

On my first trip to Sephora I went with some products in mind that I wanted to get. One of them was a compact foundation.

When I got there, they were already out of the compact foundations, but one of the Sephora ladies told me that they were to re-stock one of the next days.

After all the shopping these were the make-ups I went home with.

Perfecting cover foundation – deep 65
Make-up setting mistSmoothing primer – clear
When shopping in Sephora, I notice that not many women know what a primer is. The primer hasn’t been super long on the market, but by now there are many brands that sell it. It’s a good product to use at the beginning of your make-up. It smooths out and also mattifies the face and is the best way to secure your make-up to stay on longer. I do own the ELF primer, but I wanted to try this one out as when I tested it on my hand it felt so smooth and a little bit goes a long way. 
And beside the Primer and I also got a liquid foundation and a make-up setting mist which also helps to set the make-up so it can stay longer on. It's just like a hairspray, but for your face.

Bronzing powder Sun Disk
I know, you’re thinking why O why do I need a bronzing powder. But I found this to be perfect to use as just a powder on my face after the foundation for a nice glow. And since it’s pretty big I can use it for a long time.

Rouge cream Lipstick – Oh Oh! R18
Retractable waterproof lip liner – Raspberry 08
Super shimmer lip gloss – crystal clear

Rouge cream Lipstick – Oh Oh! R18

Brush of the Retractable waterproof lip liner

Nail polish – top coat ultra shine

Two days after my first trip I was at my friends house and I was telling her about the Sephora sale. And since she loves great deals just as me, we decided that it was time for us to go to Sephora. When we arrived there it was a bit busy, but I could instantly see that they re-stock their products and that they also added some new stuff to the sale.

I moved immediately to where the compact foundations were so I can grab my color before they ran out again. And since I needed to pick 2 things more to complete the 3 products rule I went searching for more make-up. I finally picked 6 products to take home with me.

Matifying compact foundation – deep D60
 This was the product that I wanted to buy. I was so happy when I found it. And I was even happier when I use a brush and test it on the back of my hand. It gave this nice and even finish that made me wonder how nice it will stay on my face.

Eye primer pot
They didn’t have this one when I visited Sephora the first time. And I was more than lucky to put my hand on the last one they had in basket.

Blush Me! Trio – Rose no. 10 and Brun no. 12

At first wasn’t going to get any blush. I thought that maybe I had too many. But when my friend took the Brun and swatched it, it had a super nice color and glow that I couldn’t resist and afterwards I also found the rose one. They are great blushes, with great pigments.

Kohl waterproof eyeliner – keep black 01
Le waterproof mascara – black
Eyebrow pencil – brown 02
 The Eyebrow pencil was also one of the product I bought in my first trip to Sephora.

I don’t own a lot of waterproof mascara and sometimes I realize that I am in need of one. Just to use for those time when you know that you are going to cry or for when it rains. So I took this mascara with me. I will be making a review on this later on.

The swatches

As I already said, this was a pretty good deal on the Sephora make-up. I paid an amount of €50 on all of the products above. And do you know what the super fun part is? When you get your sales receipt, you get to see the normal price of each product and the total amount you would have pay if they were not on sale and the amount you got in discount.

Well girls, on my first trip I paid an amount of €30 instead of €109, 20 and on my second trip I paid €20 instead of €77, 60. I got a total of €136, 80 in discount. How – Cool – Is – That?

I hope you guys liked this shoplog and if there is any product you would like me to review, let me know. 

Did you had the chance to visit Sephora? What did you get?

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