Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Social Network!

Since making this blog I always had in mind to make a Facebook fanpage and all sorts of social network pages to get more readers on my blog. 

She’s also a beauty & fashion blogger and has her own YouTube channel . You should definitely visit her blog: Ash Defines* and YouTube channel: AshdefinesTV were she talks about the latest fashion trends and makes these awesome make-up looks. She’s such an inspiration. So yeah, check her blog and YouTube channel, I highly recommend it! -I do have to mention that in her YouTube videos she talks in our native language but has translation written below her videos in English-

Anyways, so these last days I finally made my own fanpage on Facebook and add my blog on Bloglovin. Yay for meee!!! ^_^

Follow Life Fascinations!
Follow Life Fascinations!

So pleeeaaasseee go ahead and like the Life Fascinations! Fanpage and follow my blog. I would sooo appreciate it! Every single like and follow will make me sooo happy!!! And when I get my first 50 followers or likes I will be having a great giveaway for you guys!

Thanks in advance dollz and wishing you the best day ever!!!
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