Thursday, March 17, 2011

Can you smell the Fashion Flowers?

It’s a beautiful morning, the sun is shining, flowers are blooming, everybody is happy. Yep, Spring is almost here!!! This is my favorite season, not just of because the weather and the people, but also for the fresh spring fashion looks.

As all you fashion lovers already spotted on the runaways in the Fashion Weeks, the power of flower will be this year spring thing along with lace, the maxi skirt and the bright colors.

For today I picked some floral designs to share with you. 

Zara - Floral shirt €22,95

H&M - Floral Straw Bag €9,95

Lulu's - Floral Dress $65
H&M - Shorts €19,95

H&M - Wedges €29,95

Lulu's - Lovely Floral Pants $53

Zara - Flower Shopper €49,95

Desire Cloting - Multi Floral Low Back Short Dress £8

Lulu's - Floral Saddle Shoes $48

Lulu's - Maxi Skirt $36.50

H&M - Block Sandals €39,95

Forever 21 - One Shoulder Romper $17.80

H&M - Shorts €14,95

H&M - Clutch €9,95

Lulu's - Pink Floral Dress $43

Which one did you liked?

And as always, leave me a comment, follow my blog and FB page, take care of yourself and we’ll speak soon!
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