Friday, March 18, 2011

My Wishlist

If you didn’t notice yet , I love me some online shopping. I don’t know why, but I kinda think it’s relaxing. Ha! When I’m stressed out, online shopping is my therapy. Hahahaaa…

Anyways, since I’m always browsing for some good online shops, I always –believe me, ALWAYS- have some kind of wishlist in my head. These last days I’ve been searching around on the net and I came across some products that I really really want to buy.

So stay along to see my BIG wishlist.

1* Maybeline 24H Superstay
Since reading a lot of reviews, I became curious about this lipstick. Two weeks ago I was looking around in a local drugstore and saw the Maybeline 24H Superstay. I swatched it on my hand and was so impressed. This lipstick is just amazing! It pulled immediately into my skin and as the day goes by, no matter what I did, how I scrub, how many times I washed my hands the lipstick stayed on my hand. That’s what had me, I have to get it.

2* Micheal Todd Eye Shadow Base
I've been hearing a lot of this primer these last weeks, which made me want to try it out.

3* Sleek Limited Edition I-Divine Paraguaya palette
This is a new palette of the new Limited Edition Avoir la Pêche collection from Sleek. And as an big fan of Sleek, I have to get it. It’s full of browns and coral colors, sooo preetttyyy…

4* Zoeva Brushes
I own some good brushes, most of them are from E.L.F. But I’m still searching for the great brushes. I know that MAC has one of the best brushes, but those are a bit too expensive for me right now. So after some searching and also some YouTube reviews, I decided that the next brushes that I’m going to buy will be from Zoeva.

5* Tweezerman Tweezer
Who doesn’t want some good  tweezers? I know I do.

6* Sugarpill I'm Addicted to Pretty
Since I saw these palettes, I fell in love with them and want them so much. And by reading the comments of other bloggers, I know Sugarpill is very good. It may be a bit expensive, but you get what you pay for.

7* OCC LipTar
I don’t know why, only that I’m super curious about the liquid lipstick that's praised by every YouTubu guru or MUA .

8* Ray Ban Sunglasses
Summer is coming up and the sun has already show us his face, so I need some shades to protect my eyes while still being stylish. So why not get the ultra vintage Ray Ban sunglasses?!

9* Dejan Trend Necklaces 
I knew from this shop on twitter. So when I went to take a look I fell immediately in love! They had the nicest rings, earrings, bracelets and the ones I most liked were the necklaces. As you know the bold necklaces are so in this season since spotted on most of the fashion runways. And I also love the effect they give to your outfit. Their prices are good, nothing overpriced for my taste. But when I went looking for their shipping costs, It said that they didn’t ship overseas. But thank God for twitter, I tweeted them asking when will they start shipping overseas and got the answer "soon". Well, the very next day they’ve arranged it and tweet me back, that since that day they are shipping overseas. What a service!!! So I have my eyes on these 3 necklaces and I think that I will be making an order very soon. The only thing is that the shipping cost are a little high.

10* Unii Palette 
I have almost every color of the single eye shadows from Catrice. But I don’t use them a lot, I keep forgetting about them. So I thought of buying an empty palette where I can put my depoted shadows. I know that there are some other options, but I like to invest in quality. And these are sooo cute!

So yes, this is my super big wishlist. Maybe I'll get some of these things this month. Either way I’ll let you know when I get them.

What's on your wishlist?

And as I always say, remember to leave me a comment, follow my blog and my FB page, take care of yourself and we’ll speak soon.
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