Friday, December 24, 2010

Personal: Baking

Today I took the time to tell you about something personal about me. I’m going to try every now and then to take you guys into my personal lifestyle.

Besides the beauty stuff, movies and songs, I like to bake. Ha! How corny does that sound???

For those who are following me on Facebook, you would know that last week I was in the mood for some pretty cupcakes...Something like Lily's cupcake.

Unfortunately I couldn't make them, because I had the wrong size cupcake pan, it was too big for my oven.

So instead of cupcakes I made a normal yellow cake and I decorate it with frosting and some Christmas toppings I had. And after some hard work it came out like this.

This is my first baking post, so I didn't add the recipe. But if any of you want the recipe or want me to post more  baking posts and add the recipe with it, let me know.

I'm going to keep it till here and we'll speak soon.

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