Saturday, December 3, 2011

Video: Nelly High Heels Event

Ooohhh BABY!!! December is here!!!
Christmas, pretty gifts, lights, ornaments, food, family, friends, last month of the year... Paaarrrtttaaayyyy!!! Can you tell I’m excited?! XD

Anyway before I go on and on and on and on…on…on…on… I’m going to share with you a little event of last month.

A few weeks ago I attended along with Tiffany from Confessions of this shopaholic and Omaily from Shades of sexy little things the Nelly High Heels event.

Who’s Nelly? Well… is an e-commerce website that started its business in Sweden in 2004. We focus on fashion and beauty and have over 600 different brands in our collection which mostly caters for men and women between 18 and 35.
The vision is to provide an appealing selection of fashion and beauty products for all those fashion conscious women and men across Europe.”

So this ‘little’ fashion webshop just started here in Holland and as their way to introduce themselves they held these ‘little’ events *which they have been holding in all other countries* in 5 different cities; Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Groningen & Eindhoven.
*And BTW, you know I’m being sarcastic with ‘little’, don’t you?!*

Unfortunately I didn’t know soon enough about it to go to the one in Amsterdam, so instead we went to the one in Utrecht.

And the horror comes…
We waited almost 3 freaking hours in the freezing weather before the event started. Believe me, it was so cold that I’m sure if we stood just a little longer in that coldness, my toes would have fall off!
Okay so now I’m sure you’re asking “Why did these girls do this? Are they crazy or just plain foolish?” Well, I have just 2 simple words for you…
Yep, that’s what the whole Nelly High Heels event is about. The first 150 lucky ladies at each event get the chance to choose their own pair of ‘Nelly Shoes’.

And wait, it gets better…
The first 100 even luckier girls get a precious Nelly Goodie bag to go along with their free shoes.

Let me just say it was worth the 3 hours freezing, cuz who doesn’t like free shoes?!

Anyway so when we finally got to get in the club, we got a little form to fill in which shoe we want and also the goodiebag coupon.

So there we were, standing in a club with quite some shoes and also more women with their “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” for shoes. Well for me, I wasn’t that impressed!
The shoes were like ‘mweh’, there’s hasn’t been even one pair of heels that made me ‘squeak’! So to ease out the disappointment I filmed a little here and there to share it with you gals. Here’s the video…

So, yeah. As shoe-a-holic not being impressed at a get-a-free-pair-of-shoes event is not quite good. Let me explain to you why I wasn’t that impressed. Okay, so for me as these shoes I was getting were free, I was looking for the super hot kind of shoes. The kind that may look awesome at my feet and that I can brag a little *ahum…don’t judge, you would do it too* about them that I got them for free! And the thing is they did have some of those kinds of shoes, but not my style. They were more the edgy or not that edgy or even duller kind of shoes.

So there I was again…standing…and no choice. And I needed to make a decision though, because still…Free Shoes!
I finally managed to pick the 3 pairs that I mostly liked, tweeted them and made a decision.
And either way, we had to choose three just in case if they don’t have numero 1, they can send you numero 2 or 3. BTW, we didn't get them right away, they're being send in the next 1-2 months.

My first choice was a little shoe called ‘Forget your BF’; A black plateau pump with spikes and studs on the heel. Whatcha think?!

For more pictures of the event you can click here.

Now I want to know, would you stand in line for free shoes? Or for any good free item? Even if it’s freezing?

Kiss, Kiss & Love
Mz. J
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