Wednesday, December 21, 2011

DIY Christmas Candles

Om my God, I can’t believe that Christmas is just days away and also that the year is almost over. So fast!

I know I’ve been away long, even longer than I expected. But today I’m finally back with a great video. This is one of the video’s that I’m pretty proud of. It did take me some time, but finally it’s here.

This is a ‘Do It Yourself’ video, better known as DIY on making your own candles. 

I literally suck at Christmas gifts. Can never find the perfect gifts and most of the time I end up empty hand. But for this year I’m bringing an awesome change into that. I made my own scented candles, decorated them and turned them into the perfect Christmas gift!

Tools & ingredients I used:
* EcoSoya CB-advanced soy wax
* Glass container/ jar/ drinking glass
* Stainless steel pouring pitcher
* 15 cm long candle wicks
* Wooden spoon
* Fragrance oils
* Color dye wax
* Different ribbons

Soy wax
I chose to work with soy wax because soy wax is a ‘green’ product and it’s better for us humans than other candle wax, like paraffin. Paraffin contains products in it that’s no good for us to inhale. And the best part of Soy wax is that you get more burning time out of your candles.

Making candles can get messy and when wax hardens it’s difficult to get off. So be sure to work as clean as possible with newspaper and foils so your mother or husband or maybe even boyfriend don’t get mad at you.

All by all I’m so happy with my candles. What do you think? If there’s anything you want to know, don’t hesitate to ask, I’ll try my best to answer you.

Kiss, Kiss, Love & Joy
Mz. J
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