Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Personal: A Curacao Update

Like I told yall before things are still a little hectic over here, but today I finally got a little time to write some blog post for here on Life Fascinations.

I know that you gals are wondering what I’ve been doing over here in the last couple of weeks. For those of you who have been following me on twitter might know since I’m twittering the whole time, maybe a day less than the other but still.

Any who, today I’m going to share with you a little update of my semi ‘vacay’ here on Curacao and also have a little video OOTD.

In the first week of September I flew over 9 hours to come here to Curacao for my dear mother. Days later also my mother’s sisters arrived and together we’ve been having lots of fun.

In the plane on the lane ready to take off

One pit stop at the Dominican Republic

I had the chance to swim in the pool made like a beach of Renaissance Hotel. This pool is amazing and I have to give major props to the ones coming up with this idea. But I have to say though that it’s not unique anymore here on the island, since we discover last week that there’s another one of this kind of pool near Jan Thiel beach at the Papagayo Hotel.
And yesterday I also went swimming on the 'down side' (Banda' Bou) of Curacao.

Beach pool look a like @ Renaissance Hotel

Papagayo Beach

@ Casa Bou

I have a big heart for some good soul food, good Curacaon creole food. And along with my family we had some delicious food.

And with those delicious food I had to have me some ice scream XD!

Last but not least, some things I’ve bought which you’ll be hearing soon off ;)

My new wallet

Inglot Freedom System palette for my mom

Here’s a quick video of an OOTD and a LOTD of last week before I went to the city for some little shopping.

Hope that you enjoy this post and we’ll speak soon, sooner than you think ;)
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