Saturday, November 20, 2010

Review 120 eyeshadow palette

This is the 120 eyeshadow palette, better known as the Manly or Beauty Factory eyeshadow palette.

After reading so much about this palette, I decided to buy it. And now I'm reviewing it.

This is a good palette for a beginner. It's inexpensive and you have a whole lot of colors! I've bought mine at Beauties Factory for a price of €25,- including shipping. And from what I've heard from other bloggers, you can also buy it on EBay.

At Beauties Factory they were so kind to send along a gift with the palette. It was a set of 5 piece travel makeup brushes. They were not high quality brushes, but you could easily use them for in your purse when you're going out for retouch. 

The palette itself has all the colors you would need and most of the colors are very pigmented. For the colors that are less pigmented you can use the NYX jumbo pencil as a base to make it pop out. I used the NYX jumbo pencil in milk.

The downside of this product is that they are very chalky and may cause fall outs when using. And also you have to be very careful with the palette, because they are extremely fragile and can break easily. I really mean it, like one fall and you can say bye bye to your palette. 
And that brings me to the shipping part. When I got mine it was very secure wrapped in those plastic bubbles bags. I mean, very very secure, in tons of layers of plastic bubbles bags so nothing would break while shipping.
I didn´t throw the bubbles bags away. I saved them so I can use them while I travel with my palette. So it can protect it, that nothing will break.

The goods:
  • Inexpensive
  • Very pigmented
  • 120 eyeshadow colors!!!
  • May get gift with order
  • Good shipping
The bad:
  • Chalky/fall-outs
  • Very fragile
My conclusion to this review is that I don´t think that this is the best palette ever, but still it´s good. You have a lot of colors and for the price you cannot ask for more! I mean, it´s 120 colors for €25,-!!!
And like I said before, it's a great palette for a beginner and I definitely would recommend it.
I hope you like this review and I hope that I helped.  

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