Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fashion trends Fall/Winter 2010-2011

The summer is long over and the coldly days already started. And believe me it will get colder. So we’ve got to dress good and warm to protect yourself against the cold. But that doesn't mean wearing your most fugly outfit.

It may be super cold, but always try to be the most fashionable that you can be anytime and anywhere. For this post I've put some of the fashion trends for this year fall/winter.

Fashion trend Military
As a huge contrast to the latest trend comes the military style that is getting more and more popular with women all over the world. 

Fashion trend Minimalism
One of the fashion trends for winter 2010 is the minimalism style. Chic and straight skirts or dresses that are ingeniously cut this season in muted colors like white, cream, black, dark gray and most of all navy blue, a color that this winter is increasingly present. The look is simple but super chic. The skirts and dresses are quite short. Trousers are straight-cut or are flexible and wide.

Fashion trend High collars
These aren’t only fashionable, they are very practical as well. In addition to making you look modern high collar will keep you warm from cold winter winds.

Fashion trend Over-the-knee-high boots
These are the type of boots to wear this season. They were seen on most runway during fashion week. They look sexy, feel comfotable and the fact that they cover most of the legs for the cold. So give it a try and buy a pair of these and rock your fashion on!!!

Fashion trend Colors of the season
The colors of this season are the classic black, grey and brown, but also camel. The twist to this year’s colors is RED! Specially for wearing at night.


Do you follow fashion or you make fashion follow you?
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