Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Makeup || Rihanna in Princess of China

Recently Rihanna collaborated with Coldplay on this song called “Princess of China” and 2-3 days ago they have released their music video.
The music is good, not obsessing good like I was with “Where have you been” but still. It’s a little catchy. But the music video…
OMG! I really think its beautiful masterpiece. It’s inspired by China (duh!) and Chinese films and from what I see, I think they really put a whole lot of thoughts into this video.

See for yourself.

But since this blog is most about beauty and stuff I’m not here to talk about the music video.
Have you seen Riri’s makeup looks? I for one think they are gorgeous! 
She has 3 different looks in this video and they are all really pretty that I had to share them with you. Since I couldn’t find any close-up of her looks I made some screen shots from the video itself.
First look is the fighting scene. She’s all in white, looking pretty bad ass, hair in a ponytail and with a colorful makeup look.
She has like this red orange color going on her eyelids and a pretty bright blue right under her waterline. Simple and I like it. Since her eyes needed to draw all the attention they kept the lips pretty plain and nude. Like to tons darker than her skin color.

The next look is where she’s all in black and going all gangsta goth geisha. She’s rocking a beautiful Chinese up do, and her eyes are dramatic! Thin eyebrows, catty dramatic eyes and lips like they have been stained with berries.

And last but not least is the look where she’s all sexy geisha looking in red & purple. Again with the thin eyebrows, but a little bit arched this time and her eyes…
I don’t even know how to describe this. It’s like she has some nude color eyeshadow on her lids and a dark red eyeshadow in her crease. First I thought that there was something written or even tattoo on her lid (don’t even ask me why I thought that), but then I realized that she has paper lashes on which totally completed her eyes. So pretty! This is by the way my favorite look of all the 3. And oh on her lips they applied this nice dark red color lipstick which made the look even prettier.

Pictures source: 1, 2

The makeup was done by makeup artist Kabuki and he described in this article everything about all the looks.

What do you think of the video? And what do you think of her looks in the video? And which one of the 3 looks would you like to see me try to do a tutorial of?

Kiss, Kiss & Love
Mz. J
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