Saturday, March 3, 2012

I dare you to vote!

There are sometimes I ask myself: why?! Just why did I do this? I clearly know the answer, but still…

Last month the people at Enchantra were holding their common Dare and I don’t know why, but just something in me told me I can do this. “You wanted to be challenged this year, well here’s your chance, go for it.” This time they got inspired by the music video of Gotye featuring Kimbra "Somebody that used to know".

Being a failure at planning I ended up doing this at last minute and well I wasn’t quite happy with the results. There, I said it! I was not happy that and I even made another ‘creative look’. I ended up going with my first creation.

My mom always thought me ‘Always look for the good in the bad’ and after all I love my color combinations and also the yellow-orange-red gradient effect on my right eye. And the Sugarpill lashes where pretty awesome.

Now the Dare wasn’t only for online self-promoting, but you can actually vote for the best look. So okay, I’m not asking you to go there and vote for me. But vote for the one you think it’s the best. I still hope it’s me, but if it’s not I’m cool with that. Either way I’m still a happy camper if you come back here and visit me. 

For voting you can click here to go to the page. It’s written in Dutch but just by clicking on the name of the creator ex. ‘Jennifer’ and your vote will be in. As simple as that. Remember you have to click on the name in the list and not in the picture. Voting will be open until tomorrow Sunday 4th of March.
PS: That purple creation was my second option. Which one do you think it’s the best?

Kiss, Kiss & Love
Mz. J ♥
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