Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You are sooo on! The Hawaiian dare

Gooooodmorning everybody!
Hope that everything is going A-O-Kay with yall!!!

A couple of weeks ago I was tweeting with other bloggers and we came with this ‘daring’ idea. Dare each other with a awesome make-up look. 

And finally today you get to look at our dary made look! The theme we picked as a dare is Hawaii. Since it’s summer…

The only thing is that now you only get to see this picture of me, since yesterday I made a this look in a tutorial but I had problem with the video and uploading and stupid me didn’t take pictures.
So I woke up early this morning to re-film my tutorial and take some pictures for you guys. As a hint… I use the Sleek MakeUp just released palette Monaco of the Mediterranean Collection.

So, if you want to see how I made this look and what did I use, please come back later to see my tutorial.

And also visit my other lovely daring bloggers to check their Hawaiian-dare-look out.
*Desirée of Curvacious
* Annigjen of Bloggin Beauties
Just one little thing, their blogs are in Dutch, but it’s nothing that Google Translator can’t fix. ;)

Anyways, this was it for now, guess I’ll see you later Alligator! hehe
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