Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sleek Week - I-Dusts

This is going to be my last sleek review for the Sleek Week and I think also for quite some time. Because after this week I’m going to take a time off of Sleek…

Hah! Who am I kidding, a Sleek addict like me can never stop or take a time off of Sleek. But I will try though.

Anyway for this last Sleek Week post I have a review and a mini-look of the I-Dusts.
So, if you want to see more than get to ze clicking for more.

The I-Dusts are loose eyeshadow dusts to create different eye looks with. Sleek have 24 different I-Dusts and during the Sleek Swatched day at Enchantra’s showroom six of the most colorful ones for you gals to see.

From left to right: Innocence, Blue Lagoon, So Sleek, Sunfest, Zing, Green with Envy

With flash

No flash

These I-Dusts come in a round ‘jar’ with a black cap with Sleek Eye Dust written on it. And this ‘jar’ contains… wait fooorrr iiiitttt… 6.5 grams of product! That’s a lot!
And you don’t need a lot to work with as most of them have a great pigmentation and they’re also good blend-able. ?! :s

What I didn’t know was that there are also some matte I-Dusts. When I saw those I immediately thought… “I have to have it”. But then the swatching happened.

With flash
No flash

When I swatched the matte I-Dusts, I got some lack of pigmentation, didn’t get the same results on my skin as the color in the ‘jar’. That was disappointing. I needed to pack some more of the I-Dust to get what I wanted.
But it’s another story for the frosty/pearly I-Dusts. Those gave me a great swatch, with just one swipe, but they are not that dusty, but more rocky. They don't apply that smoothly. As you can see in the pictures, the Innocence and the Green with Envy both are a little ‘stony’, which you can see back in the swatches. By the way these swatches were made using an eyeshadow brush from sigma. Or was it Coastal Scents…Hmm don’t know anymore, either way I swatched them using a brush.

I personally own 4 of the I-Dusts, but none of the above. I own Dirty, Spellbound, Fantasy and Hypnotic. And to give you gals a good point of view I created a look using them.

Like I said before Sleek have 24 different I-Dusts and you can get them at the Sleek MakeUp website for €4,50 or for my local readers at Enchantra for €4,95.

Do you own any of these I-Dusts? How did they work out for you? Let me know here below.

And don’t forget to enter for my Sleek Week Giveaway! You still have some hours left till midnight.

Muchos kudos to yall.
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