Thursday, May 5, 2011

News News News!!!

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Ladies, madams and Señorita’s,

How’s Life?
Hope all is well and well good!!!

Those that know me may know that I am addicted to Sleek. Love their products, mostly their palettes and True color lipsticks! Sooo when I saw this I immediately had to write this post for you guys… (It’s freakish 2 am in the morning)

Some of you may know that Marc Jacobs released this new line of perfume and one of those perfumes is called Curacao. That was such a cool thing of him. BUT…

…Sleek has over done him!!!
I know, you can’t compare Sleek to Marc Jacobs but still. If you just keep reading you’ll get me.

This year they will be releasing five limited editions. One of them is already out, which is the Avior Le Pêche collection. The second one is the Oh So Special collection, third is the Mediterranean and the fifth is the Nude collection.
Oh but wait a second, I missed the forth one…
Well that one is called the Caribbean Collection. This contains a palette, blush and a pout polish.
And do you know what the names of those products are??? (Super enthusiastic laugh)

Curacao, Bonaire and Aruba!!! Yes, that’s right. The name of those same tiny islands right next to Venezuela, that is impossible to see on a world map. How freakin cool is that!

Source: Annig
The palette is called Curacao and all of the eye shadows have a cocktail name. The pout polish is called Bonaire and the blush Aruba.

I did know that there would be a palette named Curacao, but little did I know that they named all the three products after the same ABC islands. I’m so freakish proud! Of all the Caribbean islands they chose my lovely home-island and our neighbors.

Source: Annig
And OMG, the colors are to die for. Or better yet, die and go to make-up heaven! And for what I see, it has great pigmentation.

I don’t know for sure when they would release this collection, but I’ve been reading around and it may be around July. So people stay tuned!!!

From my paradise to yours.
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