Friday, December 24, 2010

Germany Shoplog

Yesterday I went to Germany along with my dad and my boyfriend. To specify we went to Oberhausen were they have this big mall called CentrO. While shopping I ran a crossed this Italian make-up brand named KIKO Make Up Milano.

In this post I’m going to share with you the things that a bought yesterday.

Since I didn’t go to Curacao for this year holiday season, my dad decided to come to Holland to spent the holidays with me. And for him to have a great vacation we visited a lot of places lately. And one of them was the big mall CentrO.

It was a long drive to Oberhausen. Almost 2 hours driving. And the weather also wasn’t working with us. When we were almost there, it began to snow so I needed to slow down.
Arriving there, we could see from the parking lots that it was very crowded. We had to park a little far away and walk to the mall. You could see everyone was busy doing there last shopping. And the big stores such as C&A and H&M were packed. But even through the crowd, we managed to get into almost every store.

At some point my dad and my bf went to eat something and that was the perfect time for me when I discovered the Kiko Make Up Milano store. Ooohhh...I was in makeup heaven!!!  The store on itself was very chic, kinda like a Mac. And the products were nicely packed with super nice prices. And the girls there were super kind. So as an beauty addict I couldn’t leave the store without buying something.

Source: CentrO

I bought a special eye kit, an eyeshadow, a lip balm, foundation and a baked blush.

Beside the make-up I bought this really nice necklace at Pieces, some grey pumps, a pair of converse sneakers and an ARTDECO Illuminating powder finish brush at Douglas. I also bought some Christmas gifts for my family.
Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of my ARTDECO brush so I can show to you. My apologies on that.

When buying the necklace in Pieces I got a nail polish from them as a gift. That was really nice of them. And as always when you buy something in Douglas, you’ll receive a sample of either an perfume or like this time I got an sample of Clinique’s dark spot corrector.
About the KIKO Make Up, I will do my best to review the products for you, so you can get to know this brand better. 

What did you bought these last days?
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