Saturday, November 20, 2010

All time favorite series

Like I told you in my previous post All Time Favorite Movies, besides watching movies I also love my tv series. And in this post I’m taking you on a ride through my All Time Favorite Series.

TV series. What would Friday night be without TGIF on ABC? Or Lazy Afternoon on TBS? Sitcoms for everyone taste. Comedy, action, drama, you name it.

I always loved watching TV series. I remember  when I was little and ‘Family Matters’ was on. I loved the Urkel. Every afternoon after I finished my homework, I ran to our TV room to watch Family Matters. I couldn’t miss one episode.

And as I grow I’m still into TV series. It doesn't matter if it's a show that already has been cancel or not. I can watch them over and over and over again.

And for those weekly series such as Gossip Girl, Glee, 90210, I can’t wait till they come here to the Netherlands I have to watch them right away. So I watch them online and I just can’t skip one week without watching. I'm super addicted to them. Ohhh...and when they go on a break for a couple of weeks or months...the suspension, the wait...almost makes me crazy to know what is going to happen next with everybody on the show. 

So are my all time favorite TV series and as the ones that I cannot miss!

All Time Favorite Series

 source: IMDB

My weekly addiction

Source: IMDB

So, there you have it. The series that I love to watch. God help me, cuz December is nearby and all these series are going to take a break and most of them will return till the beginning of spring. I don't know how I'm going to do it, but I’ll have to resist. Maybe watching old seasons or shows. I don't know, but will see...

Anyways, what's your favorite show? Do you have an addiction like me? And would you like me to review one of these shows every week? Let me know...

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