Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Silk Fashion & Business Spring Event + video

It’s been awhile since I posted something about fashion. And yes fashion IS still a fascination of mine. Only hadn’t the time for it with all the beauty stuff around me.
So as compensation today I have my recap on a whole fashion show for you.

Last week I got an invitation for the Fashion & Business Spring Event held by Silk Pr, Events & Models. It was hosted by the girls of “Mode Meisjes met een Missie” – which means “Fashion Girls on a Mission”.

Before I go on about the Fashion & Business Spring Event, let me fill you all in about these three fashion and also so down to business ladies and their show.

Tamara – Josh – Maria

Source: FashionNewz

“Fashion Girls on a mission” is this new reality show on the Dutch channel RTL 5, where they follow the three divas Tamara Elbaz, Josh Veldhuizen and Maria Tailor.

Tamara, the so fake but still gorgeous model with her trademark blush and also owner/founder of Silk PR, events & models.

Josh is the youngest of the three with only 24 years but already accomplished quite a lot. She’s also a model and now the proudly owner of her own designer clothing line Josh V

And last but certainly not least Maria. The funniest of them all. She’s a model who loves to eat in comparison with Tamara who doesn’t eat almost anything. Maria is an actress and also singer.


So, to get back to the event it was held last Thursday at the ‘Westelijk Handelsterrein’ in Rotterdam. I got a +1 invitation and got to go with my auntie.

When we arrived there we got a nice pink bubbly drink in a champagne flute as a welcome drink. We walked around the different business exhibitors with different offers, the brand Chi was one of them. After enjoying the atmosphere we went upstairs where they would hold the Fashion show. I have to say we definitely missed something like a program book or so, because we were standing there – on my killer heels – for almost 2 hours before the fashion show started. And as the time went by it got even more crowded till one point were everyone was pushing each other and standing in front of others.

But oh well, I got to stand in the ‘Front Row’ to enjoy the first fashion show which was by Stephan Badal. He’s a top Belgian designer with Michelle Obama and Hilary Clinton as two of his clients.

The designs where great, some casual but oh-so-wearable designs and some beautiful dresses including some worn by the ‘Mode Meisjes’.

After the Stephan Badal show they took a little pause then to come back at 9:30 pm with the Emporio Armani fashion show. This was amazing! Especially the part where the man were modeling underwear!!! He he…

I’ve filmed the whole Stephan Badal fashion show and a bit of the Armani show as my battery ran low. And also excuse me for the bad quality, the shaky-ness, the lightness and also blurriness as I filmed this with my phone cam. Some other pictures were taken with Kim’s cam.

If you can't see the movie, click here.

When I got this invitation I really doubted to go. Because it was in Rotterdam and I wasn’t in much mood to drive their or also to go all dolled up in the train. 
But my fellow blogger Miss Gia from GlamorousGia encourage me to go as she came from an even longer way to attend this event. So we tweet a bit and then finally got to meet each other personally.
She’s the sweetest girl ever. She also came with her friend Kimberly and together we had a lot of fun. We also took pictures with the ‘Fashion Girls’ which were super nice and sweet. Maria even talked to us and some other guys for little bit.

Gia & Kim with Tamara

Kim, Gia, & me with Maria (not my greatest picture taken)

Gia, Kim & me with Josh (also not liking myself here in the pic, but girls looked great!

After the Giorgio Armani show I had to go home and with pain in my heart had to miss the true fashonista’s singing for the first time their single which has the same name as their show.

When going home I got a big black goodie bag with Emporio Armani written on with some goodies inside including the ‘Fashion Girls’ single and a RYSTO cliffhanger.
Stupid ol’ me didn’t take a picture of the goodie bag as I was too excited with it to enjoyed all the goodies.

I can look back to a great event and I was so happy to have finally made the decision to go. Had lots of fun with Gia & Kim and enjoyed the fashion shows. 

What do you think? Did I do a good job recapping this event for you gals? Let me know here in the comments. It's always good to know.

Divas, mission, friends & fashion keeps your heart beat with passion.
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