Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm back!

Hey ladies!

So as you had seen I haven’t post anything since Christmas. But a lot happened these last days that I even had a chance to write on my blog. Oops...I didn't even wish you all a Happy New Year. So hereby...

Happy New 2011!!! I wish you all the best, may this year bring all the good for you and your family... ;-)

The last days of 2010 were super great. Like I told you all before, my dad came to visit me and we had some pretty fun days. It snowed al those days, but that didn't keep us home. We went shopping, visiting family, surprising my aunts and uncles with my dad (they didn't know he was here), more shopping and more families. 


Christmas was super fun. We went to my cousins house and had there a super delicious Christmas meal and I even made cupcakes and brought them as dessert.

My home made cupcakes

And about my Christmas look, I was in such a hurry and also enjoying my family that I forgot to take an overall photo. I did took one pic tough while sitting at my cousins house.

Me on Christmas

And for New Year we went to my aunt and uncle at The Hague. It was super fun. We opened the New Year in the center of The Hague, everybody was on the streets, celebrating, wishing each other the best for the New Year... It was in one word super!!!

New year at The Hague

On New Year afternoon we went to my dad's sister. They were staying at an vacation villa in Weert. We had the most fun there with my aunt, my cousins with their girlfriends, so great!

But then on Sunday my mom called me from Curacao with this bad news that my grandpa passed on to a better life. I was so devastated.  I had to go to Curacao for the funeral. I stayed there for a couple of days, but then I had to return to Holland to take care of my exams.

At Curacao au naturale

So here I am, after my exams and since today I'm be back to the blogging scene.

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